6 April 2022

Gemfields invites partners to join “Gemdustry” and support online tech gateway GemCloud

Gemfields invites interested parties to become partners in Gemdustry Limited – a new industry-owned vehicle that has been set up to support GemCloud, an independently owned online tech gateway.


Set up in 2019, tech start up GemCloud group has created theGemCloud.com: a cloud-based inventory management and Gemolith.com: an online B2B marketplace improving the speed and convenience of transactions and creating a secure, vetted space for the buying and selling of cut-and-polished coloured gemstones.

GemCloud’s partner laboratories use both standardised technology and GemCloud’s grading system to digitise, photograph, video, grade and certify each and every gemstone, and their regional offices ease the transaction process by assisting with all supply chain logistics.


The result of all of this is a curated B2B marketplace for coloured gemstones that has the potential to disrupt the coloured gemstone industry for the better – by providing an alternative to individual vendors marketing and selling only their own cut-and-polished gemstones and buyers having to scour multiple websites. Thanks to GemCloud, buyers and sellers will both ultimately benefit from a portal offering a larger inventory via a single B2B platform, with standardised still and moving images allowing for gemstones to be directly and fairly compared to one another.


Gemdustry’s role is to put the weight of the industry behind GemCloud – and to provide an opportunity for key participants in the sector to play a role in ensuring the success of this exciting new project while further promoting transparency and trust in coloured gemstones.