12 August 2021

Gemfields Foundation starts construction of a primary school in Madagascar

Gemfields Foundation has received generous funding from Sandy Leong Jewelry and a private donor, and combined these with existing unrestricted funds in order to progress works on a Madagascan primary school from July 2021. The timing of the project is critical, as the school must be ready for classes to start in September!



As of 12 August 2021, volunteers from the school pupils’ families and local villagers had teamed up to complete demolition of the old school, and work is already underway on construction of the new 115m² building, complete with classroom, office, nursery, canteen and kitchen. Foundations have been marked out and dug, and both bricks and cement are on site for the building to commence.


Biogas installation will begin in two weeks, and well drilling has been authorised by the local council, and so will progress shortly.

Once completed, the school will serve 195 pupils living within a 3km radius in rural Madagascar, providing them with an education, hot midday meals and a clean water supply.



Further information about the project can be found here: Primary School Construction, Madagascar | Gemfields Foundation

The Foundation is partnering with REXMA NGO to deliver this project. Further information about REXMA can be found on their website here: PROJETS | REXMA Réseau EXperts MAlagasy