20 April 2023

Gemfields emeralds and rubies take centre stage in colourful collab

Gemfields has partnered with The Line fine jewellery on a new Indian-inspired collection featuring Zambian emeralds and Mozambican rubies.


The Line x Gemfields Songbird Collection marries the storied Indian aesthetic and the country’s jewel-making heritage with the bold, cheerful hues of coloured gemstones, the result being a range of earrings and necklaces that is at once modern and traditional.

Emeralds and rubies are a perfect fit as the hero gems of this collaboration.  Both have long held a special place in the hearts of Indian people, who ascribe talismanic and healing properties to them and have traditionally worn them in abundance. As a world-leading responsible miner of coloured Gemstones – and majority owner of the Kagem emerald mine in Zambia and the Montepuez ruby mine in Mozambique – Gemfields is proud to have partnered with The Line on this project.


Founded in 2015 by former journalist Natasha Khurana, who was inspired by the raw beauty of loose gemstones, The Line pays homage to the history and artistry of India. Each piece in Songbird channels a classic Indian jewellery silhouette, from crescent hoop earrings to flowering earpieces, shoulder-dusters and regal chokers fit for a Mughal empress. All are studded with rubies or emeralds, and in some instances, accompanied by pearls, for a classic look.

Like each songbird has his own voice as he sings his call, the Songbird Collection is Natasha’s personal interpretation of Indian heritage jewellery. The silhouette of each piece is the familiar tune, but the notes are in her own voice, bringing a fresh and contemporary take to Indian jewellery design. 


The collection is a celebration of colour and Indian craftsmanship, and an effort to bring coloured gemstones into the everyday and make them more accessible. All rubies mined at Montepuez and emeralds mined at Kagem are done so with transparency, legitimacy and integrity, meaning that as well as being wearable treasures, the pieces in the Songbird collection are also the product of best practice.