Research and Reports

As an industry leader in the coloured gemstone sector,
Gemfields champions research and reports that bring
transparency and legitimacy to the marketplace.
We want to help you better understand and confidently
purchase coloured gemstones by eradicating the obscurity
and complexity that mars our industry.

We undertake our own research and curate independent reports to further widespread understanding of the industry.

We identify areas in which we can concentrate our marketing efforts and enlist support from others across the industry, such as jewellery editors, designers, retailers and stylists, to grow the sector and desire for coloured gemstones.

Reports Available
June 2020
Sustainability: The Future of Coloured Gemstones in China. Report by Gemfields
Report by Gemfields
June 2019
Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index: Coloured Gemstones Special 2019.
Report by Knight Frank