Francis de Lara Eve Eyewear featuring Gemfields Zambian emeralds




Completely handmade, this one of a kind haute couture jewellery-eyewear piece features two serpents as the side temples. The larger, emerald encrusted serpent’s tail curves around the wearer’s ear, and temptingly dangles a juicy tourmaline apple, whilst the gentler serpent, with cognac diamonds, pink sapphires, and 18k gold cabochons, gazes towards the sky. There are ‘empty’ trompe-l’oeil settings to give the idea of an ancient piece which has lost some stones over the course of time. White enamel details feature on both serpents’ faces. The front of ‘Eve’ is half-rimmed and finished with the criss-cross engraved motif, and adjustable silicone nose-pads for comfort and secure fit. Light blue lenses make this piece perfect for ‘evening glasses’, but are also UV proof for daywear. The piece comes with a luxury, handmade Tuscan leather ‘clutch’ purse-case. As these pieces are handmade and Francis de Lara pieces are made to look like well preserved artefacts rather than brand new pieces, slight ‘imperfections’ are actually part of the personality of the piece: scratches, matte and discolouration areas, and inclusions in some stones.

Cognac diamonds, 3 pieces, 0.23ct
Emeralds, 11 pieces, 6.20ct
Pink sapphires, 2 pieces, 0.3ct
Red tourmaline with a leaf motif in 24kt gold
Yellow gold 750%, 3.5g
Silver 800%, 65g gold-plated
UV-proof lenses

Francis de Lara x Gemfields Products