Backes & Strauss x Gemfields x Walk for Giants Green African Elephant Timepiece




Backes & Strauss’ new Green African Elephant features a slim diamond-set case attached to a tactile bracelet set with two rows of carefully selected diamonds and a third, middle row of emeralds. The natural green mother-of-pearl dial features a meticulously hand-painted elephant.

Size: 28×33 mm
Movement: Quartz
Case: 18kt White Gold, 32 Ideal Cut diamonds, 1.82cts
Dial: Natural green mother-of-pearl with hand-painted elephant
Bracelet: Jewellery bracelet in 18k white gold set with 68 Ideal Cut diamonds, 9.55cts and 34 Gemfields Zambian green emeralds, 3.93cts
Crown: 1 Ideal Cut diamond also known as The Jewel in the Crown, 0.07cts
Display: Hours & Minutes
Total carats: 135 Ideal Cut diamonds, 15.37cts

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