27 October 2022

Zambian primary school gets an upgrade and a computer lab

Kapila Primary School near the Kagem emerald mine in Lufwanyama will see its existing classroom blocks renovated, alongside construction of a third building which will house a modern computer lab.


The project, generously funded by a charitable donation from Assore International Holdings and ongoing support from Kagem Mining Ltd, will enable the school, which currently operates with no internet, power or computers, to increase its enrolment by 40%. It will also help boost digital literacy among the local population in this rural area, enhancing future employment prospects.

Located just 12km from Kagem, and with very basic infrastructure, the Kapila Primary School has managed to educate some 380 pupils in its six existing classrooms with just 20 teachers and without any power, internet or computers. Having an increased capacity and more modern facilities will enable it to move forward and add greater value to the community, who will particularly benefit from increased ICT skills.

The floors, windows, roof, ceiling and drainage in an existing building are all being upgraded. The new computer lab will be solar-powered with 35 internet-connected Raspberry Pi computers. There will also be space to hire new teachers who are well versed in ICT to teach pupils digital literacy. The new block will also house a dedicated nursery classroom and school offices.

A team of labourers from the local area set to work on the project on 19 September, in hopes of having it complete within six months of that date. This will bring great excitement and high hopes for the future to the community.

The project has been generously funded by Assore International Holdings, a shareholder of Gemfields, and Kagem emerald mine. Gemfields is the majority (75%) owner of Kagem, which is thought to supply one third of the world’s emeralds and has long been committed to responsible sourcing and ensuring that profits from the mine return to add value to the local community.