18 February 2022

Kagem supports youth farming cooperative in Zambia

Kagem Mining has announced its support for a new farming co-operative that will revitalise communities by providing local youth with an alternative to illegal mining as a source of income.


On 10 February 2022, the Lumpuma Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society (LMPCS) was officially launched in Lufwanyama, in the Copperbelt province of Zambia. Kagem is the operator of what is believed to be the world’s single largest producing emerald mine, situated close to Lufwanyama, and has long been committed to supporting citizens in the local areas around the mine.

This project is the fifth farming initiative funded by Kagem, as part of its livelihoods programme, which aims to empower local communities by providing individuals with the means by which to earn an income. The livelihoods programme sits alongside similar initiatives to support the development of the education and health of communities living near to the mine.

The project was inaugurated by District Commissioner Justine Mwalikwa in the presence of Lufwanyama Constituency MP Hon. Kenneth Siachisumo, representatives of His Royal Highness Chief Lumpuma, council representatives, members of Kagem senior management, heads of government departments and representatives from the LMPCS executive committee.

A phased approach will be used to implement this innovative farming initiative. Phase 1 will be the cultivation of five hectares of beans and the clearing of another 95 hectares of land in readiness for the 2022/23 farming season. The committed amount for phase 1 is USD 20,000. Phase 2 will involve the cultivation of an entire 100 hectares of land with various crops with start-up funding of USD 200,000, after which the project is expected to be self-sustaining.