1 September 2021

Gemfields launches Sapphire – completing the ‘Big Three’ trilogy

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the third, and final, instalment in Gemfields’ series of books dedicated to the ‘Big Three’ coloured gemstones. The much-anticipated release of Sapphire completes the trifecta, following the success of Emerald and Ruby.


These beautifully presented books were written and researched, over a decade, by top author and gemmologist Joanna Hardy, who has worked with coloured gemstones for 30 years. Each has a stunning jewel-toned cover and takes a deep look at the history, as well as the spiritual and talismanic properties, of these sought-after gemstones. The final product is the most comprehensive guide in existence to the ‘Big Three’ coloured gemstones: a must-have for any gem-lover, or anyone wanting to learn more about them.

According to Sean Gilbertson, CEO, “Few things on our planet blend wonder, magic and mysticism quite like the ‘Holy Trinity’ of coloured gemstones. They chart the history, heritage and legacy of humankind across millennia in a unique and captivating manner. Ten minutes spent browsing the marvellous photos on these pages will cheer any soul. Gemfields is truly honoured to have played a small role in bringing these three works to life in a project that has now spanned almost a decade.”

This stunningly illustrated series of books presents the perfect platform for Gemfields to share its passion for these marvels of nature – and to disperse some of the myths and complexity that surround them by making coloured gemstones more accessible to everyone.


Emerald and Ruby have delighted readers, and Sapphire lives up to the same exacting standard. It charts the enduring popularity of this mesmerising blue gem, from the 4th century BCE to the present day; explores its spiritual connection with the planet Saturn in Hindu astrology and its imputed ability to protect against disease and impart friendship, peace and wisdom; and, finally, it mentions its famous associations, from Elizabeth Taylor, who wore sapphires copiously, to Queen Victoria, who was given one by Prince Albert on the eve of their wedding.

Sapphire is both educational and entertaining, featuring select works by 21st century jewellery designers as well as previously unpublished photos of blue sapphire pieces from six major private collections.


Author Joanna Hardy says: “Sapphire is an unassuming gem. It has been overshadowed by diamonds, rubies and emeralds for decades, but ignore it at your peril, for sapphire is a titan of the gemstone world.”

Sapphire: A Celebration of Colour by Joanna Hardy, is the third and final instalment in Thames & Hudson’s showstopping series on coloured gemstones, alongside Ruby and Emerald, created by Violette Editions and in partnership with Gemfields.

Sapphire: A Celebration of Colour launches 7 October 2021, alongside new editions of Ruby and Emerald, each priced at £85 from Thames & Hudson.



Publisher: Thames & Hudson in association with Violette Editions

Author: Joanna Hardy

Editor: Robert Violette

Designer: Studio Frith

Gemstones: Diacolor and Gemcloud

Pendant: Jewel of Africa

Pendant Retailer: The Alkemistry

Photographer: Casey Moore