Gemfields and Garage Announce New Partnership

Gemfields is excited to announce a new and exciting partnership with Garage, a cutting-edge publication dedicated to contemporary art and fashion.

Gemfields and Garage embrace the unexpected in the character and beauty of coloured gemstones, partnering to look beyond the surface of our relationship with special jewels, in all their forms. The year-long partnership will feature four chapters, daring to be different and exploring the unexpected across artworks, video and events in key cities across the globe.

Gemfields and Garage Gemfields and Garage

Chapter 1 of the partnership turns the spotlight on the raw, natural form of emeralds and rubies, as shaped by nature and uncovered at our Kagem and Montepuez mines. To explore this theme, Garage engaged photographer Eloise Parry and make-up artist Celia Burton, challenging them to embrace the primal energy of these precious gems, and look to less ventured terrain.

Gemfields and Garage Gemfields and Garage

The result is ‘STONED LOVE’, a provocative series of images featuring Zambian emeralds and Mozambican rubies as though just lifted from the ground. The narrative explores humankind’s relationship with these stones – rubies said to represent the beauty of the soul, and emeralds said to channel mother nature’s healing power. As the stones touch the model’s skin, it appears as though their inherent beauty seduces her, commanding focus irrespective of their unpolished state.

The chapter calls on us to pause before we relish the powers of these stones, and simply declare our love.

Discover Chapter 1 of the collaboration in the next issue of Garage Magazine, online and across Garage’s social channels.

The next chapter of the Gemfields x Garage partnership will be revealed this summer. Stay tuned.