Zoe & Morgan x Gemfields x Walk for Giants, Amelia Emerald Pendant (Yellow Gold)




Each stunning piece in the capsule collection reflects this synergy with the natural world. Every necklace and ring is made with Gemfields’ Zambian emeralds or Mozambican rubies, set in ethical 18kt yellow gold or platinum. One necklace is designed to mirror the light in a cave, while others take their inspiration from the traditional tribal patterns of Kenya, symbols of femininity and the paths that animals tread in the wild. The platinum and ruby elephant necklace fits particularly well with the mission of Walk for Giants.

18kt Yellow gold emerald Square pendant 10mm, outlined boarder 1mm thick metal. 2m Gemfields Zambian emeralds set with 3 claws. 45cm chain with jump hoop at 40cm. Z&M tag

Walk for Giants x Gemfields Products