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Gemfields is recognised for its innovative and forward thinking, global marketing initiatives.

Our unique approach ensures that we focus not only on promoting coloured gemstones but also highlight the importance of sustainability. Our strategy is to tell ‘A Story in Every Gemstone’ in an inspiring way; we want to benefit the industry by creating customer confidence.

We help forge industry alliances and have a strong presence at key international trade events. We work with contemporary designers and leading brands, positioning coloured gemstones at the forefront of consumer’s minds. We use our team’s expertise to implement ingenious advertising campaigns, raise brand awareness and offer training through our in-depth education programmes.

Gemfields’ objective is to reposition coloured gemstones at the very pinnacle of luxury.


In 2010 Gemfields focused on a ‘mine & market’ strategy which shortly followed in 2011 with the launch of our first global marketing campaign focusing on emeralds which was the first of its kind in the coloured gemstone sector.

Today we continue to develop innovative marketing campaigns that resonate across all our markets, driving awareness, understanding and telling the story in every gemstone.

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We work with contemporary designers and leading brands, positioning coloured gemstones at the pinnacle of luxury.

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Gemfields has dedicated sales offices around the world that work as an interface between our gemstone dealers, ‘Gemfields Authorised Auction Partners’ and designers and jewellery houses.

Since we know which dealer won which lot during our auctions, we can go back to the Gemfields authorised auction partners and source cut and polished gemstones to fulfil the needs of the different brands and designers we work with. By doing so we can help with the traceability of our gemstones from them being mined, to being won at auction, cut & polished to them ending up in an exquisite piece of jewellery. Ultimately, consumers will know that Gemfields coloured gemstones are brought to them in a sustainable and responsibly sourced manner.

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