As the world’s largest coloured gemstone mining company, it is up to Gemfields to lead the way in educating and disseminating accurate knowledge within our industry to create and increase consumer confidence for coloured gemstones.

Gemfields Masterclass

We are fortunate to have some of the most experienced team in the world on coloured gemstones, from geologists to gemmologists, we want to share our knowledge and expertise with end consumers.

With this in mind, Gemfields has developed the first Gemfields Masterclass ruby edition, the masterclass will pave the way to educate all stake-holders within the colour gemstone industry including brands, designers, manufacturers, retailers and most importantly end consumers.



Gemfields wanted to tell the tale of these glorious and very rare coloured gemstones, to bring further knowledge and ignite people’s passion for colour. ‘EMERALD’ was Gemfields’ first book published by Thames & Hudson, giving consumers insight into the history of emeralds from Cleopatra’s mines right up to showcasing creations from some of the leading jewellery houses of today.

‘EMERALD’ was a sell-out and is now in its second edition print and on the back of this success, later this year, will see the publication of ‘RUBY’, again under Thames & Hudson, the book celebrates rubies in all their magnificence and will be the perfect coffee table book on this regal gemstone.