Yesterday’s EE British Academy Film Awards at the Royal Albert Hall was the first opportunity to make a statement for the #TimesUp movement in the UK, and the attendees did not disappoint.

Just like at the Golden Globes last month, fashion on the red carpet provides the best platform for women to make a stand. As media attention is absorbed by the looks selected, the #TimesUp movement against sexual harassment in Hollywood is once again at the forefront of our minds.

And just like at the Golden Globes, stars teamed their show of solidarity with pops of colour provided by precious stones.

For the first time in 12 years, Stephen Fry was not our host, and instead Joanna Lumley, in Stephen Webster, took the reins. The Duchess of Cambridge’s stunning emerald earrings caused a stir – as it turned out the pieces are convertible! Where they were shoulder-sweeping in 2014 at the Metropolitan Museum of art, this time she chose to wear them as studs, matched to her statement emerald necklace. Emeralds were a firm favourite on the carpet, with both Gemma Arterton’s and Jennifer Lawrence sporting a brilliant red lip with vibrant green earrings.

EE British Academy Film Awards - Press Room
EE British Academy Film Awards - Press Room

This year also saw the launch of EE’s Style Scanner, a new tool on EE’s Instagram that provides shoppable alternatives to red carpet looks. Image recognition technology scours the internet for accessible ways to recreate the stars style, so elegant bursts of colour to complement a uniform black wardrobe can be yours!

Why not head to GFG by Nilufer, Bina Goenka or Van Leles for jewellery set with stunning Zambian emeralds and striking Mozambican rubies, to make the look your own.