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Gemfields Partners with Savelli to Launch a Unique Collection of Emerald Set Smartphones.

Today, Gemfields and Savelli — the Swiss-based luxury smartphone atelier — launch two limited edition pieces, set with Gemfields Zambian emeralds. The first, called Emerald Night is set with 400 brilliant-cut emeralds and is limited to 19 pieces. The second, Emerald Insane, is set with 75 baguette-cut emeralds and is limited to just eight pieces. Both models will be unveiled on April 25th at Harrods, in the fine jewellery room.

The collection, which is handmade in Switzerland, posed a challenge for the Savelli master craftsmen, very rarely have emeralds been set on such a complex and curvaceous shape. Each gemstone has been hand-selected, and cut specifically for each smartphone — ensuring sufficient depth of colour, as well as a consistent shade of green. Exceptional in every detail, the Savelli collection is recognizable due to its unique and elegant design inspired by the Line of Grace, a timeless concept of beauty and femininity.